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Secret Energy of Pyramids                          Posted Jul 2008
Pyramids always amazed people, especially Egyptian pyramids. People always wandered how were they constructed with primitive technology of the time their building. People wandered why these construction have pyramid shape, somewhat different in size, from one to another, but with the same proportion. People wandered is the only function of the pyramids to be a burial place of pharaohs or something even more.
It is true that might of ancient pyramid is magnificent, but that is not the only thing that amazes all of us. There is also another miraculous force that amaze us. This force is not only attached to Egyptian pyramids. This force is present at all pyramid-like shape of different sizes or materials, built anywhere. This miraculous force is called the Secret Energy of Pyramids or Pyramid Power.
Many people noticed and researched this energy that is produced by the pyramid shapes. Pyramid power is not scientifically researched and confirmed, since it can not be still registered with today's scientific instruments. This is partly the reason why is this mysterious energy denied by official science.

So how is pyramid energy manifested? Although the pyramid energy is not officially researched, explained and recognized, its effects are visible. Basically, the pyramid shapes of certain proportion and orientation have a capability of collecting and focusing certain energies that can affect living or non-living objects. Pyramid energy is mostly present in the middle of the pyramid, with the focal point at the 1/3 of the pyramid height. Still, there are other hot spots outside of pyramid, like below the pyramid, or above the apex of the pyramid.  
What effect pyramid power is creating? The pyramid energy can create different effects. Mostly if it is properly used it is providing positive effect on living creatures or objects. If an object is placed in the pyramid after a period of time they are being affected by the energy of the pyramid. The blunt razor will become sharp again. The fruit taken green from the tree will become ripe. Fruit left inside pyramid will dehydrate gradually and will be preserved naturally, while the same fruit left outside pyramid will decay and rotten. Food and water treated by the pyramid power will be energized and will have higher biological value. Trees in the pyramid will grow faster and get bigger if they are placed within the pyramid. The water treated in the pyramid can be used for healing, thanks to the energy of pyramids. People having time spent in the pyramid will feel energized and refreshed, or even healed over period of time. Meditation in the pyramid can bring more intensive experiences than that outside the pyramid.
These are only some of the examples of miraculous effects of Pyramid Energy. Everybody can check some of these pyramid power phenomenon by constructing his own power pyramid. That task is very simple, since it is neither costly nor time consuming. You can do it easily with the use of simple materials like paper, cardboard, copper or wood. Instructions for building and using your pyramid can be found in the Constructing the Energy Pyramid Article.
Despite the fact that official science is not recognizing pyramid power, while following the rule "If you do not understand something, simply deny it!", you can still build your own pyramid and prove your self of existence of the Pyramid Energy and pyramid effects. Once you understand it and learn how to use Pyramid Power, you will be in the position to use this magnificent energy to enrich and improve your life. 

Constructing the Energy Pyramid
Posted Jul 2008

After being inspired by the articles about Pyramid Energy and effect that can create, probably you would like to conduct your own experiments with your own power pyramid. The task is not difficult at all, since it does not require much time, cost or effort to build your own energy pyramid. You can use any material you like, paper, wire, plastic, copper, cardboard, etc. The power pyramid can be of any size.
Still, you need to respect some rules. Firstly, your pyramid will have to be the exact proportional replica of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.  

Pyramid Dymensions
Height Base Side
(h) (a) (s)
2 3,1416 1,9892
3 4,71 4,48
4 6,28 5,98
5 7,85 7,45
10 15,7 14,94
15 23,56 22,41
20 31,41 29,89
25 39,27 37,36
30 47,12 44,83
35 54,97 52,31
40 62,83 59,78
45 70,68 67,25
50 78,54 74,73
55 86,39 82,2
60 94,24 89,67
65 102,1 97,14
70 109,96 104,62
75 117,81 112,09
80 125,66 119,56
85 133,51 127,04
90 141,37 134,51
95 149,22 141,98
100 157,08 149,46
Start with choosing your desired height of pyramid ( h ). The Length of the base is a = h x 1,5708. The length of the energy pyramid side is s = h x 1,4949. For reference check the fig (1). Still, if you do not want to do a calculation, check a table with pre-calculated dimensions. You can use any measurement units, cm, inches, feet, ...
After you choose  dimensions of your energy pyramid, take your material and build your model. Try to use no artificial glues. If you are building cardboard model, the easiest method is to draw four connected triangles as shown on the fig ( 2 ). This method is simple, just cut your drawn triangles. You have to glue only one side of pyramid.  
After you built your power pyramid it is time for pyramid energy experiments. During your experiments always position your energy pyramid in north-south direction, fig (3) While placing objects in the power pyramid, put them on 1/3 of height, since that is focal point of pyramid energy. Energy Pyramid should be placed on flat surface, not to close to electrical devices.
Take some time and experiment in different ways. Results may fluctuate, depending of material, construction, positioning and duration of pyramid energy experiment. Experiment and discover all pyramid energy effects.  

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